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Silicone products

  • Baby gutta percha
  • Baby gutta percha
  • Baby gutta percha
  • Baby gutta percha
Baby gutta perchaBaby gutta perchaBaby gutta perchaBaby gutta percha

Baby gutta percha

  • Material: silicone
  • Use: baby toys
  • Product description: Food grade silicone molded high temperature made
Our company has several years of experience in thermosetting injection molding LSR injection silicone mold, while the pacifier mold and pacifier forming technology experience, how the product and the mold size of the accuracy can meet your needs.

In view of the liquid silicone material is more expensive, so most of the liquid silicone products using cold runner design, in order to facilitate the savings of raw materials!

Liquid silicone nipple mold manufacturing, the company's long-term foreign brands pacifier production, products meet the US FDA standards, safe and reliable.

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Welcome to try to sample pacifier mold, pacifier products and medical products spare parts.

Wenchang Shun Rubber Products Co., Ltd.'s nipple mold factory has more than 10 years experience in manufacturing liquid silicone mold, pacifier mold production equipment. Reliable quality, time on time!


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