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Rubber products

  • ndustrial - rubber ring
  • ndustrial - rubber ring
  • ndustrial - rubber ring
ndustrial - rubber ringndustrial - rubber ringndustrial - rubber ring

ndustrial - rubber ring

  • Material: NBR
  • Usage: Industrial accessories
  • Product description: 技术范围:抗天气候性能强,耐酸碱,防紫外线,防臭氧,耐油,耐高温,抗阻燃,密封,抗震,防火,绝缘,抗静电,抗老化,抗磨损,抗压缩,柔软回弹性。
1. The company's online goods owned by Wenchang Shun Rubber Products Co., Ltd. all for reference purposes.

2. Division I to customize the production of rubber, silicone-based components, if you need any understanding of the product, you can contact us. Of course, can also send us a message to provide products 3D drawings and samples for consultation, we can according to your product requirements and product size to give you a quote.

3. Rubber main raw material: NR. IIR. HNBR. EPDM. BR. CR. NBR. SBR. SPM.UR.SIR.ACM.AR.CSR.CHR.IR .... and so on.

4. Silica main raw materials: solid silica gel (molded), injection of liquid silicone (LSR).

5. Mold structure, product size, product appearance requirements, product performance and so can meet your needs.

6. Production implementation standards: SGS, UL, ASTM, NFR, AFNOR, DIN, FMVSS


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