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  • Automotive&Motor Parts
Automotive&Motor PartsAutomotive&Motor Parts

Automotive&Motor Parts

  • Material Science: EPDM
  • Usage: Automobile
  • Product description: 1. Technology: anti-weather performance, acid and alkali, anti-ultraviolet, anti-ozone, oil, high temperature, anti-flame retardant, sealed, earthquake, fire, insulation, anti-static, anti-aging, anti
1. The company's online goods owned by Wenchang Shun Rubber Products Co., Ltd. all for reference purposes.

2. Division I to customize the production of rubber, silicone-based components, if you need any understanding of the product, you can contact us. Of course, can also send us an email to provide products 3D drawings and samples for consultation, we can according to your product requirements and product size to give you a quote.

3. Rubber main raw material: NR. IIR. HNBR. EPDM. BR. CR. NBR. SBR. SPM.UR.SIR.ACM.AR.CSR.CHR.IR .... and so on.

4. Silica main raw materials: solid silica gel (molded), injection of liquid silicone (LSR).

5. Mold structure, product size, product appearance requirements, product performance and so can meet your needs.


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