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Silicone products

  • Animal type - baby silicone gelatin
Animal type - baby silicone gelatin

Animal type - baby silicone gelatin

  • Material: food grade silicone
  • Uses: baby toys
  • Product description: ood grade silicone mold high temperature pressure vulcanization
1,100% silicone material, environmentally friendly, through a variety of environmental testing. A variety of color options, colorful, can be customized shape, the use of vulcanization of the production process, the production process safety and health, and the use of Japanese imports of food-grade silicone made,
2, the use of silicone material is very flexible; product flexibility is good, easy to change shape, very strong.
3, high temperature (low temperature) characteristics, the maximum heat resistance of up to 230 ℃ (minimum cold up to -40 ℃).
4, with longer than other materials life; resistance to oil, corrosion resistance, resistance to microwave radiation.
5, the implementation of production standards: SGS, UL, ASTM, NFR, AFNOR, DIN, FMVSS


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