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Silica gel after the need to do the reasons for the second vulcanization analysis (LSR silica gel)

Silicone products after the formation of why the need to do the second vulcanization? Now we have to analyze: secondary curing, also known as post-vulcanization, commonly used in silicone rubber, fluorine rubber and fluorosilicone rubber vulcanization. The role of secondary vulcanization: silicone rubber vulcanization, peroxide decomposition caused by polymer reaction, the formation of low molecular weight compounds in the rubber will affect the mechanical properties of rubber. Silicone rubber in the first stage after the heat molding, the cross-linking density is not enough, to make it further vulcanization reaction can increase the density of silicone rubber, tensile strength, resilience, hardness, swelling degree, density, thermal stability than a vulcanization There is a big improvement. If not the second vulcanization, and perhaps the performance of the silica gel on a certain impact, not the better performance of the product. A vulcanization parameter and the secondary vulcanization parameters may be different, which is related to the actual operation! Silicone vulcanization has a variety of high temperature and room temperature. Take high-temperature silicone for it, not before vulcanization is that we usually say that raw rubber, rubber compound is a lot of additives such as curing agent, release agent and raw rubber and refining together. From the appearance of a look can be seen. Hand to pull on the break, no flexibility. If at a certain temperature to a good mix of plastic at a certain temperature vulcanization can be obtained products, as we usually see the silicone mobile phone sets. As for the toxic and toxic as long as the manufacturer can provide food certification, in general, are non-toxic. Silicone can also be used for medical such as: silicone breast augmentation, silicone medical pipe and so on. The line shrinkage should be the percentage of error between the size and the original mold size after the product has been cooled and cured. After stripping, it can be measured according to ASTM D955 method. In the plastic mold design, we must first consider the shrinkage, so as to avoid the size of the finished product error, resulting in poor product answer LZ added: If you want to make soft and flexible and resistant to the silicone products need to use high temperature molding silicone. Silica gel, of course, is to be used to cure a good. But it seems that silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive is that we can not say that the curing of vulcanization, vulcanization can actually be called curing.

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