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How to distinguish between the quality of silica gel

Silicone material is divided into two kinds, one is pure silica gel. The other is ordinary glue, pure silicone toughness is good, hard stretch will not turn white, and ordinary silicone easy to break, gently pull a rubber compound will be white, indicating that there are added value of cheap silicon powder, it is good.

Feel: good feel smooth, poor feel sticky;

Appearance: good color uniformity, poor surface roughness, different shades of color, and even observed impurities;

Taste: silicone more or less smell. Poor silicone taste particularly strong, unpleasant.

Second: mold different. Mold design of a reasonable, fine degree, laid the silicone sleeve finished product quality, ease of use.

Other: silicone thickness, post-processing, etc., will also affect the cost of silicone sets.


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