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The use and meaning of silica gel

Silicone rubber is a kind of molecular key both inorganic and organic nature of the polymer elastomer material, its molecular primary bond from the silicon atoms and oxygen atoms alternately composed of silicon key bonding to 370kj / mol, than the average rubber carbon - carbon Combined with the key to 240KJ / mol is much larger, which is a high thermal stability of silica is one of the main reasons. Silicone rubber has the broadest operating temperature range (-100 ~ + 350 ℃), excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance, in addition, also has excellent thermal stability, electrical insulation, weather resistance, ozone resistance, permeability, high Of the transparency, tear strength, excellent heat dissipation and excellent adhesion, mobility and mold release, some special silicone rubber also has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, radiation resistance and the use of ultra-low temperature characteristics The

Silicone rubber Uses: It can be used to mold high voltage fines and other electronic components; for the production of televisions, computers, copiers, etc., also used for the requirements of weather resistance and durability of the molding gasket, electronic parts of the packaging materials, automotive electrical parts Of the protective material. Can be used for housing construction and repair, highway seams and seals, bridges, caulking seal. In addition, there are special purpose silicone rubber, such as conductive silicone rubber, medical silicone rubber, foam silicone rubber, mold silicone rubber, heat shrinkable silicone rubber.

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