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Selection of anti - aging materials for rubber products

Rubber products Anti-aging paint with a lot of materials, such as surface waxing, coating anti-aging agent solution, paint and so on. Taking into account the flexibility and high elasticity of rubber products, the coating must have the following basic conditions: flexibility and flexibility of the product; rubber products to strengthen the surface adhesion; aging resistance is better than the product itself; in the fast curing and curing; Save the craft and energy. But also take into account the easy access to raw materials, economic accounting, easy processing, easy to use and so on.
In general, the smaller the degree of unsaturation of the coating material (i.e., the less the degree of unsaturation), the better the ozone resistance, such as butyl rubber, ethylene propylene diene monomer. Others such as silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene and other ozone is also very stable, can also be used as anti-aging paint; chloroprene rubber is a high unsaturated rubber, but because of its unique surface viscoelastic, so that ozone is difficult to further Expand, can also be used as anti-aging paint.
Practical application should also be a reasonable choice of the corresponding additives, such as curing agent, anti-aging agent, filler, tackifier and so on. Because the rubber coating requires a short curing time, can be natural curing, physical and mechanical properties, and often use metal oxide assembly system, such as Pb3O4, PbO, MgO as a curing agent.
It is very important to choose anti-aging agents with good anti-aging effects. Anti-aging agents can improve the coating's ability to protect dry and moist. Commonly used benzene diisooctyl ester, dibutyl dithiocarbamate (NBC) and N, N'-diphenyl p-phenylenediamine, its antioxidant and good stability, suitable for natural rubber and various synthetic rubber. At the same time by adding the appropriate filler can improve the mechanical properties of the coating, waterproof performance, and can reduce the amount of raw rubber, reducing coating costs.
In general, in order to improve the weatherability of the coating, the coating from the sulfur performance is also black filler carbon black. In order to increase the adhesion of the coating, commonly used asphalt, rosin, phenolic resin, polyurethane resin, polyisocyanate, epoxy resin as a tackifier, with other ingredients with the premise, such as tert-butyl phenolic resin, polyurethane resin And epoxy resin and other strong resin adhesion.
In recent years, with the continuous development of industry, rubber as a good material properties are also widely used in the industry, ordinary rubber products need to have anti-aging function, improve product life, such as for the electrical rubber industry rubber seals, rubber industry rubber seal Rubber industry rubber seals, rubber industry rubber seals, metal spraying industry, high temperature silicone plugs and so on. Product aging resistance has certain requirements, so the choice of anti-aging materials is equally important


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