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In 2007 the company's new patented product was born - rubber broom

After years of development, we manufacture and sell innovative home research and develop new cleaning tools, our great floors and families bring great convenience and make life easier. As a customer-oriented company, our rubber broom products are made of wear-resistant natural rubber material, so that our products durable, maintenance-free, comfortable. Our rubber broom products are widely used in home, boats, trucks and outdoor entertainment.

The rubber broom is a revolutionary broom made of natural rubber, with a unique cleaning quality. The hard rubber on the hard floor of the bristle rubs the static charge on the hair and absorbs all the floor dust, hair, fluff and other low dirt. Soft natural rubber bristles are suitable for cleaning any subtle surface at home, and they will never scratch the furniture. They are effective enough to clean the rough walkway outdoors invisible wear or loss.

The rubber broom is an excellent wet type dust collector because it is made of a piece of natural rubber. This is one side and the other side of the scraper rubber broom. The brooms are made of 130 cm long stainless steel rods, and any floor is scrubbed with water, just overturned and its internal scraper removes excess water.

The rubber broom is the perfect solution for cleaning the carpet, and the unique rubber produces static dirt, sticky cotton, hair and other dirt-free brooms. These weightless materials can not be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Make quick and easy cleaning carpet, even better than vacuum cleaner!

Soft rubber material will not hurt expensive and exquisite furniture. At the same time, it will effectively clean the rough walk in the garden, as well as the smooth room floor. Rubber broom after it is easy to clean and dry, always clean, attractive eye. It will never wear out or lose its original shape and performance.


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