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The main raw material of oil resistant rubber sheet is introduced

The main raw material for oil-resistant rubber sheets is nitrile rubber, which is a copolymer of butadiene and acrylic (ACN). Acrylic eye component gives elasticity to the elastomer, and the oil resistance increases with the increase in the content of the acrylic eye. However, the increase in the content of the acrylic material will impair its low temperature flexibility and increase the hardness of the compound. General ACN content between 18% and 4 bow%.
  In terms of price, the eye gel is the lowest price in the oil-resistant elastomer. Its ability to resist oil is better than chloroprene rubber sheet, but worse than polysulfide rubber. Its thermal aging is better than natural rubber sheet. Nitrile rubber sheet does not crystallize when stretched, so the need for reinforcing agent to improve the strength of rubber sheet; its tear resistance than natural rubber plate.
  Recipe personnel can choose from a variety of curing systems. Products used at high temperatures are usually available for peroxides and thiuram, or use of disproducts or sulfoxylamines and thiuram as facilitators. The peroxide may be used in combination with an active adjuvant and a mixture of sulfur and cyano phthalamide.
  Add some anti-degrading agent to improve the properties of the compound. Some manufacturers permanently incorporate antioxidants into the molecules of the polymer to improve its heat resistance. This combination of antioxidants is more difficult to draw than antioxidants added in the mixing stage of the compound.
  If the heat resistance of the rubber sheet is to be significantly improved, the formulator may consider the use of a higher price hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR). Since the hydrogenation process removes most of the remaining unsaturation in the polymer. Making HNBR less susceptible to heat, ozone and oxygen damage.
  HNBR can be sulfur or peroxide system vulcanization, rubber compound Shore hardness can be 30 to 90 or more. HNBR has good resistance to flex fatigue performance, through the use of high temperature and low temperature can be used. The product market includes synchronous timing tapes, power steering systems and other automotive applications.
  The shuttle base rubber, also known as XNBR or CNBR, is higher than the strength and abrasion resistance of ordinary flat rubber sheets because of the introduction of shuttle groups in the polymer backbone, The group increases the cross-linking point during vulcanization.
  NBR and PVC blends improve ozone resistance. Before granulation. Add NBR to the blended PVC and mix in the mixer. The blend is a PVC-based compound with a rubber sheet that is better than the conventional PVC's abrasion resistance and compression set.


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