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Standard for the use of liquid silicone nipples

Liquid silicone nipples use standard
 1. Colloid to be soft enough, the baby's gums are very weak, the material directly affects the baby's sucking and feeding full of hunger. This minimizes the damage to the child's teeth.

In the case of
2. Through hole is not big enough, when sucking is smooth. To buy when you can look at the size of the hole, go back to the first try to take the food is not effort.

In the case of
3. General choice of large brand of pacifier is more secure, do not choose yellow or other color products, usually silica gel milky white, colorless and tasteless material.

In the case of
4. pacifier care pacifier and butterfly seat adhesion is stable, the whole pacifier is greater than the child's mouth, so as not to breathe the whole pacifier, dangerous.

In the case of
5, the nipple of the butterfly seat wing is best curvature, and there are ventilation holes, so that air circulation, saliva outflow, it will not cause cattle mouth or inflammation or eczema.

In the case of
6, pacifier, such as variants, damage, and so on, you need to change, in general, the pacifier only about three months of life.

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