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Liquid Silicone Mold Temperature Control and Stripping Mode

Liquid silicone molding process, the typical heating method is electric heating, usually using electric heater, heating tube or heating plate. Liquid silicone in the primary curing process, the mold within the uniform distribution of temperature is very important. In the large mold, the most economical heating method is "oil temperature control method".

Insulating the mold with an insulating plate also helps to reduce heat loss. If the surface temperature drops too fast, the material will slow down the curing rate, and constantly inhibit the release of parts, affecting the quality of parts. Between the heater and the parting line to keep a distance, you can greatly avoid the bending and deformation of the template, but will make the cast parts appear burr.

If the mold is designed for the cold runner system, then there must be a suitable isolation in the hot and cold interface, which is essential. Like titanium alloy such as 3.7165 (Ti Al 6V4), it has a good thermal conductivity and is a good material for hot and cold isolation compared to other steel materials. For the overall mold heating system, should be placed between the mold and the template insulation layer, the heat loss to a minimum.

Liquid silicone release: Unless it is a special formula, the general curing LSR easy to stick to the metal surface, which has brought some difficulties to the release. Even so, the current heat shrinkage of LSR rubber is still able to meet the stripping requirements, after the stripping is basically no loss. The most common demolding technology equipment, including the separation column, push the pin and the air to push the top. Other applications include more roller scavengers, exclusion towers, and robotic operations.

When using the push-top system, the push-top system must be kept within a similar tolerance range. If the push pin and sleeve between the excessive removal, or wear the component for too long, will cause the emergence of parts flash. Anti-cone or mushroom-shaped push-top contact pressure is relatively large, can enhance the system's airtight, and thus very effective.
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