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Key Points for Design of Liquid Silicone Mold

In the mold design, generally have the following forms:
1) General plastic mold is used in hot runner
More waste of materials, simple design, low cost, and more for large products.
2) and silicone molds are generally a needle valve cold runner
Can be automated, short cycle.
3) cold runner without needle valve
 As the LSR expansion coefficient is high, heating will occur when the expansion, cooling, there is a slight shrinkage, so the parts can not be in the mold to maintain accurate side margins. So you can use cold runner processing, LSR should maintain a low temperature and liquidity, cold runner with closed system, in the injection cycle, the closed system in each channel are used "seal" or "needle valve "To control the accurate measurement of LSR materials. As the silicone rubber has a significant thermal expansion characteristics, shrinkage of 2 to 4% (curing temperature
150 ℃), while silicone rubber with pressure deformation characteristics.
  1) In order to avoid turbulence and jetting, use a small injection port.
  2) Use needle or wing-shaped gouache
  3) with T-shaped guide bolt instead of cylindrical guide bolt, stripping when the air blowing mode, plus insulation layer / board.
  4) Do not use anti-rust agent containing inhibitor / oil, generally available toluene, xylene and so on
  In addition, the curing of the LSR easy to stick to the metal surface, the application of the most common stripping technology, including thimble and air push the top

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