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Liquid silicone pacifier is the best pacifier for babies

Pacifiers are the most common silicone and latex, in addition to a rubber. Silicone and latex compared to the texture of hard, latex selection, please pay attention to identify:
Very soft, suck up not strenuous, but not by, easy to aging. Can be based on the actual situation of each baby to choose. Like Pigeon, NUK's pacifier has silicone and latex. Buy a pacifier to choose a little thick, not too thin, because too thin easy to break the mouth, so that the baby choking milk.
(1) pacifier before use to clean and boil disinfection.
(2) pants on the hole in the production according to different specifications have been opened, do not have to use the needle before the hole.
(3) nipple when the use of ventilation holes and nipple openings should be up.
(4) feeding the nipple head and neck stenosis are included in the baby's mouth, so when the baby suck more comfortable.
(5) according to different age groups of babies choose different stages of the pacifier, according to the feeding of food thick thick, pick different specifications of the pacifier. Do not think the bigger the hole the baby to eat on the effort, because the hole is too large, too fast flow, the child too late to swallow easy to eat choke.
(6) rubber pacifier made of natural rubber material, after a period of time (about 4-6 weeks), pacifier color dark brown, and with a sticky, indicating that the rubber has been aging, should be replaced. Comprehensive consideration or the best quality silicone pacifier.
(7) If you find cracks in the nipple should be replaced promptly.
Shenzhen Wenchang Shun Rubber Products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of silicone products, including silicone nipples, silicone bottles, pacifier, silicone Jianju, and other products. We have a wealth of experience in the production of silicone nipple industry, according to customer samples or drawings open mode production.

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