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Shenzhen Wenchang Shun Rubber Co., LTD. is a 15-year history of silicone products OEM / ODM manufacturers, I can provide the Secretary for liquid or solid materials, silicone products customized production and processing, silicone plastic packaging processing, silicone mold processing services.

(NR. IIR. HNBR.EPDM.BR.CR.NBR.SBR..SIR.ACM, etc.) which are in accordance with the requirements of the customer and are environmentally friendly (ROHS, Cadmium, Phthalates, PAHS, Reach) according to the customer's needs.

Wenchang Shun is a rich liquid silicone products production and mold design and manufacturing experience of the company, the company's backbone members from the industry well-known companies. In reference to foreign mature liquid silicone production technology on the basis of continuous practice, innovation and improvement, now has a mature mold development and liquid silicone products, liquid silicone coated products production capacity.

After more than 10 years of development, the company has set up two products injection molding and mold processing two production sectors. The company has now developed a multi-cavity or single chamber valve needle and open cold mouth system based on the well-known company's cold runner system. Effectively reduce the flow of raw materials waste, improve the level of automation, to solve the industry gate curing, drool and other difficult problems. At the same time there are mature runner balance adjustment system, vacuum system. A professional automation designer can provide guests with automated solutions to solve the guests to worry about.

Liquid silicone molding Department currently has more than liquid silicone injection machine, equipped with Germany 2KM precision feeder, Valet can produce precision liquid silicone products, liquid silicone plastic package products. The mold department has the mold design group, the CNC programming group, the EDM group, the grinder group, the milling group, the turning group, the fitter group, the province module group and the QC group. The monthly output of 10-15 sets of liquid silicone Mold, can provide guests from the product design analysis and evaluation, mold design analysis and evaluation to the production of a full set of services. Mold design using UG, SOLIDWORKS, PRO / E and other software full 3d design, and can use MOLDFLOW do flow analysis, the risk control in the process of the front, to ensure mold quality and delivery. Mold workshop currently has more than one high-speed CNC machine tools, equipped with precision grinding machine, mirror sparks and other nearly 20 processing equipment, from the equipment to ensure precision accuracy of the mold.

Wenchang Shun Rubber Company now has the ability to develop monochrome and multi-color liquid silicone encapsulation products, can produce liquid silicone plastic package, liquid silicone package hardware, liquid silicone glass, liquid silicone package silicone parts, liquid silicone encapsulation waterproof precision Components, etc., to provide customers with a comprehensive silicone coating solution.


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